About Us

My name is Alyssa Innamorato, Founder of API The Label. API The Label is a unisex streetwear brand that was created during my senior year of college with the goal of allowing individuals to express themselves authentically through fashion and style without sacrificing comfort. Our urban, edgy designs and high quality apparel have been supported widely on social media by fashion influencers including Nessa Barrett (7.1 million followers), Alex Cooper (2.2 million followers) and Bryce Hall (7 million followers) to name a few. 

My brand’s mission is to make authenticity desirable. In a world where so many just want to “fit in” we think it’s special to stand out. Self expression through streetwear is a timeliness way of telling the world a little bit about yourself and our mission is for people to do that comfortably, stylishly and authentically.